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Warranty Program

Our product is made of resistant polymer so you should not have problems with use. Small scratches may be normal, if you find any defects, please contact us.

Simply contact us explaining the problem

There are different shipping methods. They are all included in our article on shipping.

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You can read our returns policy at the following link.

Return Policy

In short, sexual items will not be refunded due to hygiene issues. Only items in which we have had an error in manufacturing or shipping will be refunded.


At this time we do not have gift cards, if for any reason you would like one, please contact us directly.

Coupons can only be used once per user. The use of a coupon more than once per user using different emails will not be valid.

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Size & Ergonomics

Each body is a world and we cannot know exactly what size yours is. That’s why we have created the kit to discover it.

No, you may have it long or thick. But at the base of the penis it may be thinner or you may not have as many testicles as others. To clear up doubts, buy the Kit

You may be trying to put it backwards. The wide part of the triangle goes up, so when looking at it placed on the penis you should be able to see the letters or numbers in relief.

It is very common for two sizes to fit you. Now it is your decision to choose which one interests you. If you want to wear it for a long time or have long sexual relations, we recommend the one with the least amount of pressure.
If, on the other hand, it is to increase the size and improve your time, it needs to be tighter.
Remember that it should never hurt

No, the kit is just to find out what your size is. Unlike the ring, the kit is flat, very thin and made of a rough material that makes it not suitable for use as a ring.

No, the rings have a different geometry at the front and at the back. so they will not fit on top of each other.

If they don’t fit, you should choose a larger size. But first make sure you are putting it on correctly.

Guide on how to place it

Shipping & Recent Orders

The cheapest option is by postal mail, in a small and discreet envelope without a return address or any logo.

Between 4 and 7 business days. This depends on the country and the shipping distance.

A business day is typically a day when businesses are open and operational, usually from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

The day your package is shipped, you will receive an email confirming it. This means that we have manufactured your ring and it is now in the hands of the company in charge of delivering it to you.

In the most economical shipping there is no tracking of the product. Don’t worry. We have shipped untracked worldwide and have had no problems. It will arrive late or early, it depends a lot on the volume of shipments on some dates.