Anaconda Rings

World’s first ergonomic and personalized cockrings.

Made one by one, tailored and always thinking about the details

With only a year on the market we have made shipments to half the world. We have happy customers who wear it all day and are delighted.


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Happy Clients

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Ergonomic shape

adapted to your body.

Unlike round rings, our triangular shape, 3-way curvature and wide surfaces with rounded edges are designed not notice any discomfort.

Reducing pressure on the skin in delicate areas without increasing the size so that it does not become too large.

100% safer than a metal ring

Discover why a synthetic ring can save you problems that no one wants. 

What is it for?

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Increase in size

Placed at the base of the penis it helps maintain a larger and fuller erection, resulting in an increase in penis size and girth.

Delayed ejaculation

By partially restricting blood flow it helps delay ejaculation. This allows for a longer experience.

Prevent content theft

Works as a watermark for NSFW content. Personalize your ring with your name or social networks and prevent content theft.

Save 5€ with
the special coupon

Buying the kit to discover your size you get a €5 discount. This way you only pay for shipping

Send your Dick Pic

Join our community and get your metal ring by uploading a photo to social networks. We want to see how it looks on you.

Lifetime guarantee
for all products

Made to last. If you have any problem, contact us and we will find a solution.

Best testimonials

Some of our clients tell us about their experiences with our products and how it has changed their sexual life.

Just a Great surprise
I bought it because I was curious and it was a great surprise. My girl loved the feeling. Plus, it is super comfortable and I can wear it for a long time without it bothering me at all.
Best Cockring I Have Ever Used!
I wear it 24 howes everyday. I have been looking for something like this ring for years. i have try many others and nothing is comparable to this rings.
Paris France
I bought this for my boyfriend
It was super easy to find the right size and he loves it! The vendor answered all my questions on a very timely fashion, 100% recommend.
Barcelona Spain