In recent years, we have heard numerous cases of individuals experiencing embarrassing and painful situations due to rings getting stuck on the penis. These incidents have prompted reflection on the importance of choosing the right material when selecting a ring. In contrast to metal rings, plastic rings have emerged as a safer and more convenient option in case of getting stuck due to an incorrect size. Below, we will present some real cases that have recently occurred, illustrating the need to consider plastic rings as a safe alternative.

Real Cases

  1. Penis trapped in a pipe in Bangkok A man from Bangkok visited the hospital after his penis got stuck in a pipe while attempting to measure it. The man had to be sedated so that doctors could cut the pipe and free his member. (Source)
  2. Penis trapped in a wedding ring Another man spent two days with his penis trapped in the wedding ring he wanted to give his girlfriend. The man attempted to remove the ring with soap and oil, but was unsuccessful. Eventually, he had to go to the hospital to have the ring removed. (Source)
  3. Penis with multiple metal rings A 44-year-old man ended up feeling dizzy and required emergency services after placing 9 industrial rings on his penis to enhance sexual performance. Doctors had to cut the rings to free the man’s member. (Source)
  4. Erotic ring stuck on the penis A man ended up in the hospital when an erotic ring became stuck on his penis and couldn’t be removed. Firefighters had to intervene in the operating room to help remove the toy squeezing the victim’s member. (Source)
  5. Risk of strangulation with multiple steel rings Another man who had placed four steel rings at the base of his penis needed the assistance of firefighters in Dénia because he couldn’t remove them, and there was a risk of “strangulation” of the member. (Source)
  6. Steel ring stuck on the penis A man went to the emergency room with a steel ring stuck on his penis, complicated to remove due to swelling caused by the pressure of the object. Firefighters had to intervene to cut the ring. (Source)

These real cases demonstrate the need to consider plastic rings as a safer option in emergency situations. Compared to metal rings, plastic rings can be easily cut with appropriate tools, such as electric saws used by doctors to cut casts, thus avoiding further damage and injuries. Opting for plastic rings can make a difference in the quick and safe resolution of emergency situations.

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