Our product is always designed with the vision of adapting to the body and being as comfortable as possible. The human body’s geometry is very complex, which is why the ring is designed with multiple curves that mimic the nature of the male body.

The profile is designed to be round on all edges that come into contact with the body, without being too curved to increase the contact surface with the skin and prevent it from digging in or irritating, maximizing the contact surfaces.

Its inverted triangle shape mimics the union of the legs. This way, you can even cross your legs without any discomfort, which was a common issue with the old circular CockRings.

Its bottom part (the tip of the triangle) has been rounded to allow the testicles to rest naturally. If it were thinner, it would be too compressed, and if it were too wide, a testicle could escape. It’s the perfect size.

Finally, in its profile view, it mimics the curvature of both the male and female pubis. The lower part of the abdomen transitions from a vertical surface to a horizontal surface, the perineum.

Our design fits perfectly with this curvature, ensuring that the ring remains in the correct position no matter what you do.

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