Penis rings are a popular sexual toy among men, designed to enhance pleasure and sexual performance. However, putting on a penis ring can be tricky, especially for those who are new to using it.

In this article, we will explain the correct way to put on a penis ring.

Before You Begin

The first step in putting on a cockring is to ensure that the penis is flaccid. This may seem contradictory, as many people assume that the ring should be placed around an erect penis.

Why the Penis Should Be Flaccid:

The ring should be placed between the pubis and the penis and testicles. To pass the penis and testicles through the ring, the penis should be flaccid. The ring should be slightly tight (according to personal preference). Therefore, if you try to insert an erect penis and then the testicles, achieving a good fit will not be possible.

Attempting to put on a penis ring while the penis is erect can be painful and challenging.

First, the Testicles

Once the penis is flaccid, the next step is to thread the testicles through the ring. This may seem unusual, but it is an important part to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

By inserting the testicles first, you can ensure that the ring is properly positioned.

In the case of ergonomic rings, they should be placed on the narrow part, so the ring takes on an inverted triangle shape. In the case of Anaconda rings, the logo should face the ground and the letters toward the sky.

Insert the Penis

Once the testicles are in place, you can slide the penis inside. Do it gently; you can pull the testicles slightly downward to create more space at the top.

While flaccid, it shouldn’t be too difficult. Once the foreskin is inside, the penis will easily slide in on its own.

Adjust it Properly

Once you have the testicles and the penis inside, it’s time to adjust it properly.

Hold the penis and testicles with one hand and the ring with the other, adjusting it as needed to ensure it is comfortable and snug against the body.

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